Royal Women, The Fashion Museum, Bath

Queen Alexandra EXHIB 5 & Princess Margaret EXHIB 18 (2).jpg

Bullet PR has been chosen by The Fashion Museum, Bath to promote a new exhibition exploring the fashions worn by successive generations of women in the Royal Family. The exhibition, Royal Women, Alexandra, Mary, Elizabeth, Margaret: public life, personal style will open at the museum in February 2018 and run until 28 April 2019.

Royal Women will be a ‘family tree’ exhibition looking at the clothes worn by Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and Princess Margaret.

Wives and daughters, sisters and mothers; none of them were regnant yet they all played a key role in the British monarchy. The exhibition will examine their sartorial lives, looking at each woman’s unique style, the role they played within the monarchy and how that was reflected in their choice of dress.

The exhibition will feature exquisite items of dress from the Fashion Museum collection, as well as a major loan from the Royal Collection, generously lent by Her Majesty The Queen.

Pandora George